Rights and Respect

Knights Enham Infant School was awarded the Level 1 Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) in 2010. The Rights Respect and Responsibility Award recognise the schools success in putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of the school. Research into the impact Rights, Respect and Responsibility has on children includes improved self-esteem, enhanced moral development and thinking and improvements in attendance, learning, school engagement and academic standards.  

The Rights Respect ethos in Knights Enham Nursery and Infant School is imperative to children’s progress in other core curriculum areas such as English and Maths. Professor John Hattie states in his document the Climate for learning that Rights Respect and Responsibility leads to the creation of the most effective climate for learning. It is one in which pupils feel safe, respected and valued, where the relationship between teachers and pupils are supportive, where trust and learning flourishes. This is the main reason why Rights Respect and Responsibility has the impact it has on progress and performance.

For more information visit www.unicef.org.uk 

An assembly a week is delivered on the work of UNICEF, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and addressing issues to help us learn about others and the world around us.

Parents and Guardians can help at home by taking the time to ask your child what they have learnt about rights and discussing how others can be helped in the local community and in other countries. 

Each class has discussed their rights and their responsibilities in making certain these are upheld. These rights and responsibilities can be seen on your child’s class charter which is displayed in the classroom. 

As part of the work on Rights Respect and Responsibility a school council has been set up. The school council gives the children an opportunity to share their opinions and suggestions on issues which affect them.  For more information see:

About the School - School Council.