Learning Outside

Knights Enham Infant School is surrounded by rich, exciting and varied grounds that are used to support the pupils learning across the curriculum as well as provide an interesting and supportive environment for our lunch times and breaks.  We already use our grounds on a daily basis but we are also planning for further developments to really enhance and improve the opportunities we can offer children. We believe that there is a real importance to getting the children outside and having hands on experience, getting them to ask questions, find the answers and see how the world around them works, changes, impacts on them and how we impact on it! Children area able to use the outdoor workshops during Discovery Time every day but we also use our school grounds for adult led learning like maths groups, phonics teaching and art – learning outside can often make learning more powerful! 

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Have a look at the plan we are currently working on for our school grounds development and come back and visit these pages for recent news and updates.  

In Foundation Stage we have several outdoor areas that we use on a daily basis. One of them is the courtyard which is right in the centre of the school and which we can access from our snack area or from the creative workshops. At the moment we have a huge sand pit, some gardening, some water activities and some small world bays in the courtyard but the plan is for a big builders yard role play with our very own hoppers for materials, a site office and of course a tea break corner! On the other side of the building and leading out from the cloakroom area Foundation Stage also have a new vehicle area which we are planning to develop with a roundabout, a road way and a garage. We also have a woodland area where we make dens, read books, hunt for insects or listen for birds and a central space which we use for many different activities. We are planning on developing a messy art area and a new huge sand pit next! 

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In Year One, we use the outside space on a daily basis to build on personal and emotional skills, gross and fine motor skills and language development as well as to engage the children when teaching core and foundation subjects. This excites the children, allowing them to express and investigate their natural curiosity for the world. Our outdoor workshop currently consists of our muddy area where you might find us digging for mini-beasts, planting seeds or making a mud pie when it becomes our very own Muddy Kitchen and restaurant. Our enchanted woodland area is a magical place to explore for creatures, build dens, create small worlds for gnomes or even find a quiet spot to read. Children enjoy a varied selection of musical instruments outside where we compose our own songs, play well known songs together and experiment with sound. Sand, water and art areas are also part of our provision, where we experiment with different materials and media, seeing how we can manipulate and use them to achieve interesting results. 


In Year Two we also use our school grounds every day and we have our very own ‘terrace’ which leads out from our classrooms. We have recently added some big planters to our terrace and in the summer we had our first crop of tomatoes and sunflowers. During Discovery we are currently able to access music, art, science, maths and mark making workshops on the terrace. The long term plan is for new classrooms so that we will be able to share the school grounds space with Year One across the other side of school.