PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies), is a nurturing curriculum designed to promote the development of self-esteem and is implemented across the year groups.
Each class has a child of the day; part of being child of the day is to receive compliments from everyone around, children wear a sash to identify that they are child of the day this is designed to raise self-esteem.

Children need a physically safe and secure environment in which to explore and grow.  Classroom rules promote this kind of environment by fostering prosocial behaviour and providing a predictable routine.  PATHS is a time that is used to discuss class rules and acceptable behaviours in school.

Through circle time each week children are supported to think about feelings and behaviours developing an awareness of their own feelings and behaviours as well as others, we do this with the help of four friends, Twiggle, Henrietta, Daphne, and Duke, who also help the children to problem solve for themselves.