As a Nursery and Infant school we have two underpinning curriculum documents to use and follow.

For our Nursery and Reception children (the Foundation Stage) we use Early Years Development Matters (you can find this and other useful documents at ) which is the requirement for underpinning very young children’s learning and also how we observe and track progress. This is the same document that all providers use with children from birth up to the end of the Reception Year. Development Matters covers seven areas of learning and gives clear guidelines about what is expected of children at different ages / stages leading up to the Early Learning Goals for each area at the end of the Reception year.

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For our Year One and Two children (Key Stage One) we use the National Curriculum (you can find this and other useful documents at )which is the statutory requirement for all subsequent ages. The National Curriculum has recently been re-written but it still includes a range of subjects such as English, Maths, PE, Art, Music and History.

As a school all our Year Group Teams plan for learning around themes which usually last five or six weeks.

Staff carefully choose themes that engage children's imagination and encourage a desire to learn for themselves.  We support children to develop their independence and resilience by taking risks and trying new learning experiences.  All of our topics start with a 'hook' where staff choose an exciting way for the topic to begin.  This may be a trip, investigating something, or finding something exciting in the classroom.  Our learning walls and displays in the classroom and around school show lots of the work we have produced during the theme.  At the end of each half term we celebrate our learning with parents during a 'Show and Share' afternoon.  Parents are invited to come into the classroom and have a go at some of the learning activities from the theme. 

Not all the curriculum is led by the theme. We are very careful to make sure that we plan for all the learning that our children are entitled to and this means that areas such as our phonics work for example is planned outside the theme - unless we can draw on the interest from the theme to make the phonics even better!

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Below at the bottom of the page you will see a link to this year’s theme planner for all our Year Groups and on the tabs to the left you will find more information about different curriculum areas.