Learning at Knights Enham

At Knights Enham Nursery and Infant School learning is always at the heart of what we do. Our vision rests on the power of learning for all our children but we are very clear that learning doesn’t just happen in classrooms, in lessons or even in school! We work hard to make all our children’s experiences as full of learning as possible and this means we think about the whole school day as well as beyond the school day, the whole school environment as well as beyond the school environment and all the children in our school as well as all the adults involved in our school community when we think about and plan for learning.

We know that learning doesn’t happen when we are unhappy, lonely, insecure or bored and so making sure learning is as powerful as it can be means we think very widely about learning in our school. This section of the website looks at learning across the whole school – look for specific Year Group information on different pages. Remember to use the search facility to help find what you are looking for too!