Lunches and Snacks

From September 2014 all infant aged children (4-7 years old) are eligible for a Free School Meal.

We offer freshly prepared hot meals at lunchtimes which can be ordered on a daily basis (with the exception of nursery children who need to order at least a day in advance). There is always a vegetarian option and a salad bar is available to all children having a school meal. Children order their lunch as part of their registration every morning in class but Nursery children need to let us know the day before so that we can have it ordered in time.  

The menu operates on a three week cycle and all meals are nutritionally balanced. Please find the link to this term’s menu below. The menu has been translated into several languages and these versions can be found here.

Lunch Menu

Alternatively, children can bring a packed lunch. If your child brings a packed lunch remember to not pack too much and aim for a balanced range of foods.


Activities to encourage the children to be active at lunchtime play are on offer every day. In addition, we have quiet areas for the children to sit and talk with friends.

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