Good Choices

We have a visual approach to support our 'School Charter'.

  • We take responsibility for our own choices
  • We look after each other
  • We look after our school and everything in it
Stars of Success
In each classroom the children have a Stars of Success chart.  Each child has a peg with their name on it.  The chart has four achievement stars to recognise various examples of good behaviour.  When a child is seen to display positive behaviour, their peg is moved up the chart.  At the end of each day a "Star of the Day" is chosen.
Clouds of Consequence
Of course where there are rewards there are also sanctions.  The Clouds of Consequence chart are on display in each classroom next to the Stars of Success.  It works in a similar way with all children beginning the day on the top sun at the top of the clouds.  The peg will be moved down one cloud at a time if they make bad choices.  Each cloud has a consequence:
  • First Cloud - Warning
  • Second Cloud - Time out period in their classroom
  • Third Cloud - Time out in another classroom
  • Fourth Cloud - Teacher will speak to the parents
  • Fifth Cloud - Mrs Jones, Mrs Hill, or Mrs Spratt will speak to the child and further action as appropriate
We are very proud of the exemplary behaviour across the school and this is something that the general public have commented on when we visit places in the community.  Getting along with their friends and learning how to share, compromise and negotiate is an important part of the children's development.  
We trust that as parents you will fully support our behaviour system.  Any questions or concerns, please come and see us.